BFA Bank Credit Rating A+ Confirmed

Rezonans Insurance Company Reliability Rating A Confirmed, Outlook Changed from Negative to Developing

STRAVE Credit Rating A Confirmed


Unicom Partner Rating Downgraded from C+ to E

Taatta Bank Credit Rating A Confirmed

Moscow Engineering and Construction Company Credit Rating Revoked

IRWIN 2 Company Credit Rating A Confirmed

Reliability Rating A Confirmed for Small Business Support and Development Fund of the Republic of Bashkortostan

FORUS Bank Credit Rating A Confirmed

Pomosch Insurance Company Reliability Rating A Confirmed


Ireland Sovereign Credit Rating Upgraded to BBB- and Credit Environment Rating to BBB+

Companies of VTB Capital Investment Management Business Reliability and Service Quality Rating A++ Confirmed

RIABANK Rating Outlook Changed from Stable to Negative

Svyaznoy Bank Credit Rating Downgraded to B++, the Outlook Changed to “Developing”

NST Bank Credit Rating A+ Confirmed, Outlook Changed from Stable to Negative

IC Moskovia Reliability Rating B++ Confirmed


RZD – Razvitie vokzalov Credit Rating Downgraded from A+ to C, Outlook Changed from Stable to Developing

Portfolio Investments Company Rating Downgraded From B++ to E

MTEC Investment Company Rating Downgraded from A to E and Revoked

IC Pari Reliability Rating A+ Confirmed


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