Snezhinskiy Bank Credit Rating A Confirmed

Allianz Insurance Company Reliability Rating A++ Confirmed, Outlook Changed from Developing to Stable

Regional Commercial Bank Credit Rating B++ Confirmed, Outlook Changed from Positive to Stable

Basic Element Limited Credit Rating A+ Confirmed, Sub-Level Changed from the Second to the Third

RTS-Bank Credit Rating B++ Confirmed and Revoked

UZHURALZHASO Insurance Company Reliability Rating A Confirmed

FIA Bank Credit Rating B+ Confirmed


Irkutsk Region Guarantee Fund Guarantee Coverage Reliability Rating A+ Confirmed

Dagenergobank Credit Rating Downgraded from B+ to C

EurocityBank Credit Rating A Confirmed, Outlook Changed from Developing to Negative

European Travel Insurance Insurance Company Reliability Rating A+ Confirmed, Sub-Level Upgraded from the Third to the First

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Master-Capital Credit Rating B++ Confirmed

Sberbank Life Insurance Employer Appeal Rating Confirmed

Mortgage Bond Support Agent Service Quality Rating A+ Confirmed to South Ural Corporation for Housing and Mortgage

MORSKOY BANK Credit Rating Sub-level Downgraded From Second to Third


MAKS Reliability Rating A++ Confirmed

ORANTA Insurance Reliability Rating B+ Confirmed and Revoked

Reforma City Company Credit Rating A Confirmed and Revoked

NPF Allianz Reliability Rating Downgraded from A++ to A+

NOTA-Bank Credit Rating A+ Confirmed, Outlook Changed from Positive to Stable


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