Dagenergobank Credit Rating Downgraded from A to B++

Credit Union Credit Rating Outlook Changed from Stable to Negative

Zheleznodorozhny Insurance Fund Reliability Rating B++ Confirmed

Omsk Regional Fund of Small Business Support and Development Guarantee Coverage Reliability Rating A+ Confirmed

Credit Rating A Assigned to Union of St. John the Warrior

New Industrial Bank Credit Rating B++ Confirmed, Outlook Changed to Stable


Leader Management Company Reliability and Service Quality Rating A++ Confirmed

Expert Bank Credit Rating A Confirmed, Sub-Level Changed from the Second to the Third

Open Leasing Company Credit Rating A+ Confirmed, Sub-level Upgraded from the Third to the Second

Credit Union Microfinancial Institution Reliability Rating Outlook Changed from Stable to Negative

TG-Terminal Credit Rating A Assigned

International Construction Bank Credit Rating B++ Confirmed


Yaposhka-City Credit Rating A Confirmed

Elion Credit Rating Revoked

Tikhookeansky Vneshtorgbank Credit Rating Downgraded From A to B++


Renaissance Life & Pensions Non-State Pension Fund Reliability Rating Revoked

YAMAL-300 Credit Rating A+ Confirmed

TSVUM Trading House Credit Rating A Assigned

Depositary Reliability Rating A++ According to National Scale Assigned to ABLV Bank

Yakutuglestroy Credit Rating A Confirmed, Sub-level Upgraded from the Second to the First


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